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Theology for the New Millennium

What is Intellectual Righteousness?


Intellectual Righteousness is the philosophy that brings reason to monotheism. It considers the traditional views of God commonly held within religion to be irrational and contradictory while disagreeing with anyone who claims there is no Creator of the universe. Theology for the New Millennium by Hassan Bfly is the book introducing the philosophy. 

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Essentials of Intellectual Righteousness

God is to reality what zero is to math

This analogy accurately defines and describes God as the Creator of the universe using the first principle of Algebra I, absolute value.

With God is Heaven or Hell

This statement gives motivation to worship God.  Heaven and Hell are the most extreme states of bliss or pain possible. They are perspective based reactions to the Presence of God, the Destroyer.

Preparation for Death Improves Life

This truth is made applicable by the first two principles.  Remember those two facts and all they imply and your perspective will shift in a way that allows whatever happens to be beneficial.

Theology for the New Millennium


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Theology for the New Millennium: The Introduction of Intellectual Righteousness is the book that makes the logical argument for monotheism without appealing to faith or quoting any ancient text.  Once understood, it will open the door to inner peace and self-mastery.

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Hassan Bfly: Self-Taught, Non-Prophetic Messenger of God

On November 6th, 1995, I made a breakthrough that allowed me to objectively and accurately define and describe God. My motivating belief back then was God must make sense or I have no reason to believe He, She, or It even exists...

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Two Monotheistic Diliemnas

Hassan Bfly points out the polytheism at the root of some monotheistic thought.  He then reconciles two seemingly contradictory truths that hinders understanding God.  He claims that reconciliation has always been the MESSAGE throughout the ages.

Two Facts, One Opinion

Hassan Bfly highlights the two Facts while stressing Fact Two, With God is Heaven or Hell. 

BS Meter: Law of Non-Contradiction

Hassan Bfly challenges anyone to use their BS Meter when comparing Intellectual Righteousness to whatever they believe. Anyone who does this objectively will have no choice but to admit the two truths the philosophy is based upon are indeed fact. 

Ode to God: Short Breakdown

Hassan Bfly breaks down his prayer line by line in order to show the benefit of prayer, even though God isn't meddling in our affairs. 

Fear God/Hell, Love God/Heaven

Hassan Bfly talks about his fear of Hell and love of God. Love your Creator and Final Destination because you can turn the best possible situation into the absolute worst experience.

The Subconcious

Hassan Bfly talks about the subconcious mind in order to dispel the myth that our souls are a part of our minds.

More Videos

Click to see more videos by Hassan Bfly, including excerpts from his Friday Night Right speeches.

Hassan's Prayer

God is to reality what zero is to math.

God, I gotta thank you for all that I have

regardless if it is good or if it's bad.

Because there is no positive or negative, 

whatever happens, it is what it is.

I can't witness you in life in the physical sense, 

but the rational conclusion is: You gotta exist.

And it ain't no excuse for people making up myths.

I can appreciate everything my actions earn

because You're Heaven, not a threat to make me burn.

That's by applying one lesson I've learned:

When I cease to exist, it's to You I've returned.


Ode to God

Ode to God is Hassan's Prayer laid over a hard pounding trapped out beat.  Preview or purchase it on these music streaming platforms:

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Intellectual Righteousness