preparing for death improves life


     Preparing for death will improve how you live your life is the third and final statement that makes up the essentials of Intellectual Righteousness. I never use these exact words in Theology for the New Millennium, but it is implied multiple times within it. Even though such an idea should make sense without considering God is to reality what zero is to math and with God is Heaven or Hell, it needs them to be complete or realistic. If we consider death as just the end of this material life, it would be pretty difficult to brace for it since no one knows how they are going to die. You can brace yourself for death as an end of individual existence, though, because you have every reason to be absolutely certain of what will take place.

     You may think because you cannot imagine God there can be no way to relate to how the experience will affect you. This is true, in part. You can’t picture God, but you can simulate the impact of God’s presence on your soul on a much smaller scale. God is to reality what zero is to math. To be with God would be to be without anything else. To get a glimpse of what that is like, imagine the absence of the things you love in life and let yourself feel the emotional impact of loss. This is just a glimpse, so don’t try to imagine everything is gone. If you find this hard to do, just remember how you felt at various times when you didn’t have access to something important to you or how you felt when you lost a loved one.

     It is no fun dredging up old grief, but what is beneficial isn’t always pleasant. Whatever pain you are recalling or imagining is mild compared to what actually awaits you. In these simulated instances, there’s some way to overcome your grief, even if it’s just time to heal or get over it. Whatever it is or was, that isn’t available to you anymore after you die. All of your coping mechanisms will be gone, so the impact of loss will never end. If this sounds like something you don’t want to go through, just keep in mind two things: it’s unavoidable and it’s Heaven.

     Don’t make the mistake of letting your coping mechanisms kick in prematurely. Trying to lie to yourself or avoid this truth to ease whatever discomfort this information causes will ensure the misery will occur in reality. It is better to face your woes while they are still in your head and under your control than it is to ignore them and allow them to become a reality that you can’t avoid or manage. Accept this objective truth and let it sink in; then, let your coping mechanisms kick in. You probably couldn’t resist them at this point, even if you tried. What you will find is selfish motivation to forget about the loved ones that will no longer be with you. Instead, you will focus on the fact that all negativity will be gone, unless you bring it with you. You should recognize it is within your power to turn the worst of all possibilities into a blissful situation, so any hardships in life are minor and much easier to endure or overcome.

     When you look at the world through that lens, does that make you feel empowered? Have you found a freedom from fear that previously didn’t exist? Can you find benefit from anyone or anything that may be acquired, encountered, or experienced regardless of how things may seem on the surface? Have you found motivation to keep an objective perspective in all endeavors? If the answer to any of these questions is yes, congratulations! You have taken your first step towards worshipping God. If the answer is no, I can’t help you. You do have my sympathy, though. It must be a miserable existence that you have to lie your way through life. 

    God is to reality what zero is to math gives clarity and direction towards the only One deserving worship. With God is Heaven and Hell gives you reason and motivation to worship God. Preparing for death helps improve how you live your life gives instruction and advice on how to worship God. These are the essentials of Intellectual Righteousness.