what is intellectual righteousness?


     Intellectual Righteousness is a philosophy that brings reason and math into the theological debate.  It is founded on the belief that there is an objective reality that has absolute rules that are independent of perspective.  While it is true that perspective does influence how reality affects the individual, that bias NEVER affects reality.  It is what it is whether you believe it or not.

     In trying to understand the OBJECTIVE reality concerning God, Intellectual Righteousness does not consider what each monotheistic belief uses to separate from the others.  Instead, it considers what is universal within all monotheistic dogma.  The beliefs ALL of them share are: God is the Creator of the universe, God is Absolute, God is Perfect, and God is Infinite.  

     Because there can no empirical evidence for such a reality, it is easy to allow our inability to perceive or imagine God to mislead us into believing there is no way to describe or prove the existence of God.  Fortunately, we have a concept within math whose characteristics are congruent to the universal attributes of God.  That concept is the absolute value, zero.  Thus, the analogy: God is to reality what zero is to math.

     This groundbreaking theological outlook is the key to the most effective life philosophy once all implications are considered.  God’s Absoluteness means there is no opposite, equal or peer.  Just as God is the Creator of the universe, God will be its Destroyer.  The only way for anything to cease to exist would be to return to God, Infinite Perfection.  This includes whatever defines us as individuals.

     God’s Absoluteness also allows that return to have a positive or negative impact on each person.  For those who can appreciate the lack of negativity, that would be Heaven.  For those who can only see the lack of what they love, it would be Hell.

     If this reality sounds Hellish to you, don’t avoid accepting it as true thinking it will allow you to avoid the experience.  Keep your coping mechanisms at bay long enough to understand and appreciate the fact that to be with God means none of the negatives that make what you love worthy of affection: No pain or fear, no doubt or confusion, no hunger or thirst, no natural urges, and no future that can ruin a good time.

     Allow your coping mechanisms to kick in after accepting the truth and you will automatically adjust your values so that your final instance of individual existence will be Heavenly.  Since death is the only event promised in life and the worst thing to happen to the living, you will gain the greatest silver lining that causes your perception to shift in a way that allows you to benefit from whatever happens.  

     Some say we can’t be certain of our awareness in the end.  I wish I could say it is my opinion that we will be, but that’s more like a rational conclusion based on what we do know.  It is true, though.  We can’t know for sure.  My opinion is it doesn’t matter.  The adjustment has the same impact during your life.

     Intellectual Righteousness: two facts, one opinion.  The two facts are: God is to reality what zero is to math and with God is Heaven or Hell.  The one opinion is remember those TWO FACTS.