what is intellectual righteousness?


     Intellectual Righteousness is the philosophy that brings reason to monotheism. It considers the traditional views of God commonly held within religion to be irrational and contradictory while disagreeing with anyone who claims there is no Creator of the universe. If you are trying to figure out which side it is on, religion or atheism, the answer is neither.   They say there are two sides to every story, but the truth is somewhere in between. Theology is no exception. Those two sides have been religion and atheism. The truth is God is to reality what zero is to math. 

     On the surface, this analogy is a logical argument for monotheism that cannot be rationally refuted, so it is easy to get caught up on whether or not this proves the existence of God beyond the shadow of a doubt. Only empirical evidence can do that. Since that is impossible while we live, we owe it to ourselves to at least base our belief on whatever we cannot experience on what actually makes sense. Any doubt in the validity of God is to reality what zero is to math is unreasonable.

     If you can get past your desire to imagine what you cannot perceive in order to believe and whatever religious hang-ups you have concerning the word God, it would make sense to believe there is an unperceivable and unimaginable reality that is absolute, perfect, infinite, and responsible for the existence of everything that is perceivable, imaginable, relative, and finite. All you have to do is consider the connection between reality and math and notice the role absolute zero plays within the science of quantifying the attributes of everything we know. 

     While it is fascinating to discuss and debate the beginning of the universe, the relevance of understanding such a reality would be because the Origin would also be the only one capable of bringing about the end. Understanding the Ultimate End of all things matters because death is the only event to happen in the life of all living things and the only way for our existence as individuals to cease is to become one with Nothing. In our ignorance, it is easy to debate and speculate what may happen between our death and end of individual existence or whether or not we will be aware of the event at all.

     What cannot be debated is we human beings are blessed/cursed with the possibility of either a positive or negative perspective of reality even though everything is relatively absolute. This is true for whatever we experience. Whether or not we will be aware of anything after we die, mentally preparing for a positive outlook on what cannot be avoided while we live will cause a shift in perspective that will allow you to make the best of any situation. Even though this benefit from understanding and accepting God is to reality what zero is to math is universal, the impact on behavior differs from person to person. 

     Some may choose to take control over their fate by finding the fortitude to diligently work towards the best of possible outcomes, while others may enjoy the freedom from the fear of consequences so much that it seems wasteful or reckless. That is the beauty of free will. It's like religion without unnecessary rules. We all know it's not what happens to us as much as how we react to situations and circumstances. You now have the compass for acting in your best interest at your disposal. Use it as you see fit. This is Intellectual Righteousness.