with god is heaven or hell


     With God is Heaven or Hell is the second statement at the foundation of Intellectual Righteousness. It is actually a continuation of the oft repeated analogy. Whereas God is to reality what zero is to math gives clarity and understanding of God, with God is Heaven or Hell gives you reason to worship God. God is defined as the only reality deserving worship, and the comparison between God in reality and zero in math shows that God is the Creator of all things. Being the Creator may be a big deal, but that is not enough reason in and of itself to justify worship. It is God’s role as the Destroyer that solidifies any motivation for worship.

     Before we go any further, let’s define the word worship to close any avenues for playing childish word games. To worship is to have an unmatched affinity and affection for someone, something, or in this case, Nothing. A person’s god would be the top priority amongst whatever they love or value. A god is subjective and depends on the individual. The God is set apart as the only reality that deserves this distinction from an objective point of view.   Of course, there are other definitions that may be accurate, but they are definitely irrelevant in this instance. If you think you have no god or see yourself as your own god according to this definition, take an honest inventory of your affections, and you will find that you latch on to whatever will please you in the moment. No loyalty does not equal no god. It just means you are a true polytheist who allows circumstances, situations, or opportunities to dictate which of your gods are most important at the time.

     Some people may believe God’s role as the Creator is enough reason to worship God because creation of the universe is a feat that can’t be matched. While I cannot dispute the intentions or sincerity of anyone who believes this, there is room to doubt the purity of such devotion because it is indirect. Our existence and ability to enjoy what we may acquire, encounter, or experience should be enough to cause an unrivalled sense of gratitude, but God is also the Creator of all that we don’t like. If gratitude is the main reason for your affection, what happens to that love when life isn’t so enjoyable? Very few people can be just as grateful for our bad experiences as the good.

     The love of God should come from us benefitting from God alone. The only way that would be possible is if we were able to experience the presence of God without any buffers or filters. Such an occurrence will take place after we die. You may think Nothing happens after we die; I agree, literally. The only way to cease to exist as individuals would be to return to the Creator because that is the only way the existence of anything that was created can end. Depending on your perspective, it would be bliss or torment. Those who would focus on no positive would be miserable, while those who can appreciate no negative will enjoy a sense of freedom and happiness that cannot be experienced while we live.

     There is some room for doubt or speculation concerning this event because we don’t fully understand the soul. I refuse to dig deeper into mysteries I may not be able to explain. Instead, I focus on the irrefutable and draw rational and logical conclusions from that: Because matter is inert, we know the soul must be immaterial. Because its location is the same as the matter it motivates, we know it’s physical. Desire is at the root of all motivation, and we desire what we believe will leave a good impression on us or what has already impressed us. God is Absolute, Timeless, Perfect, and can only be defined by the absence of all that is quantifiable, perceivable, or imaginable.

     Put those indisputable facts together and you should conclude: the soul does not cease to exist because our matter can no longer carry out the functions necessary for life and it has begun to decompose. The soul, what desires and is impressed within us, must return to God in order for our existence to come to an end. That final instance of individual existence will seem like an eternity even though it will be unimaginably brief in reality. Whatever we experience in that “moment” will last “forever”. It is just as possible to be tormented by a reality that should be cause for the ultimate bliss. With God is Heaven or Hell.