Intellectual Righteousness

Theology for the New Millennium

Hassan Bfly: Self-Taught, Non-Prophetic Messenger of God

On November 6th, 1995, I made a breakthrough that allowed me to objectively and accurately define and describe God. My motivating belief back then was God must make sense or I have no reason to believe He, She, or It exists. 

Even back when I had a vague somewhat humanized idea of God, I recognized since we couldn't perceive God and if He was just, fair, wise, or anything else that makes Him worthy of worship, He wouldn't give man intellect as a gift to separate us from the other animals and then expect us to forgo it to comprehend Him. Besides, without sensory perception OR reason, how can anyone tell what's true amongst the lies? Remember, everybody using the word God ain't talking about God. 

Even though I couldn't find any ideology that could prove God's existence rationally, I wasn't discouraged. I just chalked that up to the ignorance of ancient man and assumed there was something clearly in the scriptures that keeps getting overlooked. The problem with that thinking was: after I finished reading the Bible and Quran, the only thing I could say was logically sound was God is the Creator of all else. 

This made sense to me because everything must have a beginning, and if God created matter, we shouldn't expect to perceive or imagine Him because sensory perception is our matter’s recognition of other matter and imagination is just its simulation. 

Had I taken a closer look at why I believed that back then, I would not have had to endure the hellish three-day ordeal that led me to my breakthrough. Had I realized  was based on the fact that everything I'll ever witness or imagine is measurable in some way, measurement must have a beginning, and before there can be a first there must have been none, I would have seen God is to reality what zero is to math with much less frustration and pressure. 

I would have automatically switched to math because I was thinking about numbers and measurement. It would have been easy to see how absolute zero within math sounds just like God minus the personification. Since the breakthrough came after much struggle, stress, and strain, the responsibility of sharing a breakthrough concept in an ancient field dominated by prophets(real and false), faithmongers, and con men landed heavily on my shoulders almost immediately after I got over the shock and fear of believing I'd blasphemed against God. 

I didn't want this responsibility, so my goal wasn't to confirm I was right. I was determined to prove myself wrong!!! I racked my brain, searched scriptures for verses that disproved me, and reminded myself over and over again that I am not a Prophet, so even if I'm right, somebody else will figure it out soon enough. 

So, after suffering enough defeats at my own hand and 22 years of waiting for somebody to make clear what I already knew, I'm here introducing Intellectual Righteousness. When I challenge you to a debate, I don't mean me vs you. I mean you vs the philosophy itself. No one can witness it, so be honest with yourself. After you lose, come and join me because I've been taking L's since ’95.

The Essentials of Intellectual Righteousness are: God is to reality what zero is to math, with God is Heaven or Hell, and preparation for death improves life. I am Damond E. Anderson by birth and Hassan the Butterfly by merit. May peace be with you.