god is to reality what zero is to math


     God is to reality what zero is to math is at the foundation of Intellectual Righteousness. Every other idea in this philosophy is based on this principle. It is an analogy comparing the relationship between God and reality with zero and math. It is not a statement saying God and zero are one and the same. If you automatically draw that inaccurate conclusion, it is because you recognize the direct correlation between math and reality. Instead of assuming God doesn’t exist because you will never find an example that can truly be represented by zero in reality, you should recognize the necessity of God for the existence of everything else in reality because zero is necessary for the existence of everything else in math.

     In order to end any confusion as to the exact meaning of the analogy, let’s take a look at the meaning of the relevant words within it. God is to reality what zero is to math. Defining reality and math should be unnecessary since those words only have one main definition and their correlation is pretty obvious. Reality is all that exists and math is the most objective science and most honest language used to define or describe the quantifiable attributes of everything that exists. God and zero have multiple definitions, which opens the door for confusion through misinterpretation. 

     Too many people believe they can win a debate by purposely using an alternative definition of a word in order to make the other person’s statement false. The power of defining a word rests solely on the person making the statement. You cannot take someone else’s words and use them in a way they didn’t mean them, then pretend to dispute their actual point. On the surface, this may seem like a clever way to win an argument, but if those of you who employ this method of arguing would take an honest look at yourselves, you would see just how foolish you sound using the wrong definition of a word in order to convince the other person of their error. While you may think word twisting keeps you from losing a debate, your tactics actually show you cannot oppose the other person’s idea at face value. If you could, you wouldn’t resort to such childish antics.

     God is the only reality deserving worship. If you believe that word means something else, you are entitled to that belief. Whether your differing definition is accurate or not doesn’t matter because any other definition is irrelevant when it comes to understanding the analogy: God is to reality what zero is to math. Zero means none. In relative terms, it means none of something specific or represents something neutral. Such definitions will not help you understand God, so using either would be counter-productive if you are actually trying to understand what you are trying to dispute. In math, zero is the absolute value by which all other values are defined. It is the only necessary value in math and it represents the qualities of absoluteness, infinity, and perfection. It is also the proof for any equation, which means it defines all the computation symbols used in equations.

     Before you even start to think this definition of zero doesn’t exist in reality because you will never have an example, you should consider this: everything in the universe that can be perceived or imagined would be represented by a value that is derived from zero. Even those things we can measure in part but somehow still think they are infinite are actually indefinite. That includes what we need for our own existence and cognition, such as: space, time, matter and energy.   You shouldn’t be able to perceive or imagine the source of matter because sensory perception is material recognition of other matter and imagination is just its simulation. It makes absolutely no sense to believe you could perceive or imagine such a reality, so your inability to do so should be expected and is no just cause to claim non-existence.

     God is to reality what zero is to math means: The only reality that is worthy of worship is the Creator of the universe. Because such a reality is imperceivable and unimaginable, the only way to understand or relate to God would be through comparison to the mathematical concept, absolute zero. It is the only way to understand God in a way that is rational and irrefutable. God is to reality what zero is to math.